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LEVIATAN GROUP, promoter of gender diversity in the construction industry

Leviatan Group, formed by the companies Leviatan Design, Ubitech Constructii, eConfaire Immersive Design and Copraag Entrepreneur, offers complete services in the construction industry, with the latest technologies, based on a team built on the principles of gender equality and an inclusive work environment. The group has carefully built an open culture, where every team member is encouraged to leverage their potential and contribute to the organization’s innovation and development efforts. Through perseverance, vision and innovative spirit, the women of Leviatan Group contribute to shaping the future of construction in Romania and are an important source of inspiration for the transformation of this sector into a more inclusive one. The role of women is considered essential for the continuous progress and development of the organisation, which is why an environment has been created for the development of female talents.

Leviatan Group positions itself as a promoter of equity and inclusion in the construction industry

By promoting a culture based on mutual respect, openness to collaboration and appreciation of diversity, Leviatan Group has succeeded in creating a motivating work environment for all team members. Ambitious women are encouraged to reach their full potential and have access to numerous opportunities for continuous development. The company expresses its appreciation for the outstanding achievements of the women in the team and is firmly committed to promoting equal opportunities and inclusion. According to statistics, globally, the representation of women in the construction sector remains limited. In 2023, they accounted for about 10.8% of the workforce in the US construction industry, according to a report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In Europe, women account for only 15% of employees in the construction sector, according to an article published in 2023 by Oxford Economics.

In Romania, the presence of women in construction in 2020 is less than 13%, according to an article published by Plan Radar. In this context, Leviatan Group positions itself as a promoter of equity and inclusion in the construction industry, where every woman can put her experience, skills and passion for quality to good use. The determination and vision of the women in the organisation’s team demonstrates that the construction sector should not be seen as a man’s industry, but one where both women and men can achieve a high level of performance. The women also show that talent, perseverance and vision can overcome all barriers. Through their valuable contributions, they redefine standards of excellence and inspire future generations of professionals in this dynamic field.

High-performing women in the Leviatan Design team

Ilinca is an architect with professional experience spanning more than ten years. She has been part of the Leviatan team for more than four years and appreciates that the environment in which she works gives her the opportunity to find solutions for complex situations, which keeps her constantly motivated.

Ambitious, optimistic and diplomatic, Corina is an electrical installation design engineer and joined Leviatan more than four years ago. Respect and openness to collaboration are qualities she admires in her department colleagues, with whom she has developed many innovative projects.

Anca is an architect and has a remarkable professional experience, which she has acquired over more than 20 years, and has been part of the team for almost 2 years. She appreciates most in her colleagues professionalism, open communication and the ability to work in a team. When it comes to her role, Anca says that finding creative solutions is an ongoing challenge, and each project she develops offers her new opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

Over two years ago, Violeta joined Leviatan, where she works as a public procurement expert. She describes the professional environment in which she works as harmonious and efficient, thanks to her colleagues who show dedication, commitment and care in everything they do..

High-performing women in the Ubitech Constructii team

Ambitious and eager to continuously evolve, Cristina has been a Procurement Specialist in the team for over four years. She values the professionalism of her colleagues and the company’s interest in the professional and personal development of team members, as well as the fact that recognition of merit occupies an important place in defining the company’s organizational culture.

Irina joined Ubitech Constructii almost a year ago, where she has the role of HR specialist. With a solid professional experience, which she has acquired over 20 years, she is successfully contributing to the company’s excellent journey. Irina confesses that she comes to the office with love, where she feels surrounded by the warmth of her colleagues.

Carmen is a Bidding-Contract Engineer and has been part of the Ubitech team for two years. About her experience in the company, she says it is interesting, dynamic and challenging. Carmen appreciates her colleagues’ team spirit, but also the fact that they create a friendly atmosphere and bring a good mood to the office, day after day.

Almost three years ago, Cristina joined the team as an economist. With a vast professional experience of almost 16 years, she is appreciated at Ubitech Constructions for her dedication and outstanding skills. Cristina values the dynamic and harmonious environment in which she works, as it gives her the opportunity to constantly develop.

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